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Concepta announces first myLotus® UK Fertility Clinic collaboration

30 September 2019

Concepta PLC (AIM: CPT), the innovative UK personalised healthcare company and developer of the proprietary self-test platform ("myLotus®"), the most accurate home-use fertility tracking and pregnancy testing system available on the U.K. market, announces today its first UK Fertility Clinic collaboration with Manchester Fertility.

The collaboration with Manchester Fertility marks the first U.K. fertility clinic to use myLotus® to advance the clinics Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) procedures allowing women to monitor their fertility progress at home prior to presenting for insemination.

myLotus® the revolutionary home based, self-test product was launched in the UK in November 2018 with early 'trying to conceive' users providing personal video feedback and testimonials on their menstrual cycle hormone changes and profile ('signatures') enabling these women greater visibility and better understanding of their menstrual cycle and fertility journey ( In March the Company announced its first supply agreement with Boots UK (part of Walgreens Boots Alliance) and in May its first myLotus pregnancies and user testimonials.

Manchester Fertility are the leading provider of IUI in the North of England and treat more than 600 women for IUI treatments annually. The myLotus® IUI procedure will be available to women from October 2019. myLotus® is expected to provide much greater accuracy around user readiness for insemination and efficiency of operation and preparation for IUI across natural and stimulated cycles.

The advance of myLotus® comes at a time when there is a national shortage of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and a greater need to focus on natural and modified natural fertility procedures.

myLotus® empowers women to self-test their personalised hormone levels and identify their optimal fertile days thereby improving their chances of naturally getting pregnant. myLotus® enables women to monitor their fertile phase as part of their menstrual cycle and is the only home test to 'quantitatively' measure hormone levels and the 'rate-of-change' of these levels preceding ovulation to help aid a natural or assisted conception. Users measure, record and track their hormone levels and follow their fertility journey in an accompanying free downloadable app available in iOS and Android formats via the website.

myLotus® is available to women who are planning to start a family or for those who have previously struggled to naturally conceive, enabling couples an alternative prior to considering IVF treatment. The Company expects to release further hormone health and wellbeing tests to complement its fertility offering early next year.     

Matthew Walls, Chairman said: "We are extremely proud and delighted to announce our first collaboration with Manchester Fertility and the advance of myLotus for use in assisted reproduction cycles. We expect to build our fertility clinic developments over the short term and look forward to supporting all our users on their pregnancy journey."

Jonathan Koslover, Managing Director, Manchester Fertility said: "As one of the UKs leading fertility clinics we pride ourselves on being innovative and pioneering to help patients on every step of their fertility journey. We are delighted to be the first clinic in the North of England to  offer myLotus®  and further enhance the treatments we offer.  As one of the most reputed fertility clinics we also have access to our own extensive sperm bank, ensuring the highest quality of care and no waiting times, so patients can start trying for their family straight away."



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About Concepta PLC:

Concepta PLC is an AIM-quoted pioneering UK healthcare company that has developed a proprietary product, myLotus®, targeted at the personalised mobile health market with a primary focus on hormone testing and increasing a woman's chances of naturally getting pregnant and to provide insight to unexplained infertility.

myLotus® is currently the only consumer product which allows both quantitative and qualitative home (self-test) test measurement of a woman's personal luteinizing hormone (LH) during ovulation and human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone level during pregnancy, facilitating higher conception rates and early diagnosis of fertility issues. The proposition of myLotus® is to empower women to better understand their hormone levels and menstrual cycle and help women conceive naturally by identifying their window of fertility and optimal time for conception.

The Company has received CE-mark certification for myLotus® and has launched its first product in the UK. The Company is preparing plans to roll-out across the core EU countries in 2019.