Business Model

MyHealthChecked PLC are a Cardiff based UK healthcare company focussed on providing health and wellness testing at-home and via key retail partnerships. Having acquired the Genome store in 2020, their capabilities now lie in DNA and RNA testing, using a UK based lab which meet the highest quality standards and certifies accurate and reliable results.

The growing at home testing space is on track to reach $16bn in 2027 and MyHealthChecked has positioned itself strongly to provide a personalised health testing infrastructure that is accessible to all.

Seizing the opportunities of the pandemic, MyHealthChecked launched a range of Covid tests and secured retail contracts that have proven the robustness and quality of product and service offering, including supplying general, in-store and fit-to-fly testing contracts with Boots UK and fit-to-fly & general testing with Lloyds pharmacy. They have built strong relationships at the product development & distribution level, identified expert supplier relationships, and developed a strong resonating brand lending to their successes so far.

Following on from this and advancing their strategy of becoming a leader in the at-home health and wellness testing market, a portfolio of 5 DNA wellness tests have launched under the MyHealthChecked brand. Via a simple cheek swab at home, consumers can gain individualised health reports based on a number of DNA biomarkers that help testers make sense of their DNA to improve their health outlook.

While COVID-19 remains as a significant market for MyHealthChecked, the company continues to work on an expanded portfolio of at-home tests with the aim of delivering a healthcare structure that grants accessibility, proactivity and inspires users to take care of their wellness.