Business Model

MyHealthChecked PLC, is a Cardiff based UK healthcare company focused on a range of at-home healthcare and wellness tests. MyHealthChecked is the umbrella brand of a range of at-home DNA and RNA tests, now in development following the acquisition of The Genome Store in November 2020.

The MyHealthChecked portfolio has been identified as part of a change in mindset as customers become more familiar with the concept of accessible healthcare in the growing at home testing kit market. The Company’s focus is on accessibility at the right price, with the aim to help customers to take control of their own healthcare, whilst providing a positive customer experience. MyHealthChecked’s tests will be made available online and would be viable for over-the-counter purchase. 

The growing at home testing space is on track to reach $16bn in 2027 and the quality of MyHealthChecked’s products and service, has enabled the Company to engage robustly with retail, including a recent contract with Boots UK to supply Day 2/Day 8, general and fit-to-fly COVID-19 PCR testing, in-store and online, along with further agreements and endorsements with non-retail customers.

As the Company continues through its growth plan, MyHealthChecked has set up a laboratory to meet its current and future needs, allowing it to define and control the products that are taken to market, putting the quality of the Company’s service firmly in centralised control and retaining ownership of MyHealthChecked’s product portfolio.

While COVID-19 remains the number one priority for 2021, an initial portfolio of easy to use DNA tests has been developed and will be launching soon. This expanded portfolio of at-home tests will build upon the MyHealthChecked brand which has become quickly established in the consumer space, and fast gaining greater traction and reach. The tests brought to market are easy to use saliva swabs, initially focusing on food sensitivities and intolerances, that will allow customers to select the areas most relevant and impactful to them, with technology and guidance to enrich their experience and enhance outcomes for them.

MyHealthChecked's Business Model