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Concepta signs first distributor agreement in China

09 May 2017

Concepta Plc (AIM: CPT), the pioneering UK healthcare company and developer of a proprietary platform and suite of products targeted at the personalised mobile health market with a primary focus on women's fertility and specifically unexplained infertility, is pleased to announce that it signed a distributor agreement with Beijing ThinkBrio Medical Technology Consulting Co., Ltd (''ThinkBrio'').

The agreement covers an initial three year period, and relates exclusively to the distribution of the myLotus range of products within LiaoNing province in China. If successful Concepta intends to seek extension of the agreement with ThinkBrio to cover further Chinese territories.

The CEO of ThinkBrio, Mr Liu Wei, has an extensive background in Public Relations and was previously involved with the launch of Viagra in China. These attributes, together with the strong backing of the Beijing Maternity Hospital Group, combine medical endorsement and consumer understanding to provide women in China with innovative products to help them with unexplained infertility.

Erik Henau, CEO of Concepta says: "Mr Liu has had a lot of experience with the development of our organisation in China and, through lengthy discussions and preparations, has built up a great understanding of the need for our products and how to promote and sell them in the region. This initial agreement offers us the opportunity to evaluate our logistics chain and marketing activities. It will allow us to gather data and experience for discussions with further distributors in China down the line and will help us to fine-tune our strategy for expanding manufacturing capacity."

Liu Wei, CEO of ThinkBrio says: "The myLotus products are unique and will be a great help to many women in China. We look forward to working with Concepta to develop their presence in the Chinese infertility market. We have already conducted rigorous testing of the products prior to launch and we are now in the final stages of hospital evaluations - after which we can begin commercialisation of myLotus in China."



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About Concepta Plc:

Concepta plc is a pioneering UK healthcare company that has developed a proprietary platform and products targeted at the personalised mobile health market with a primary focus on women's fertility and specifically unexplained infertility*.

Founded in 2013, Concepta has developed a revolutionary flagship product 'myLotus' for home self-testing that helps women with unexplained infertility to conceive.  

myLotus is the only consumer product which allows both quantitative and qualitative measurements of a woman's personal hCG and LH hormone levels in an easy to use home test to facilitate higher conception rates and early diagnosis of any fertility problems.  Competitor products currently only allow qualitative measurement and are based on the 'average woman'.  

Concepta has a defined route to market for its new 'myLotus' product with Regulatory approvals for launch in China in place for H1 2017 and CE-Marking for UK and Europe to follow later in 2017. The revenue potential of the Chinese and EU infertility market is worth c.£600m per annum for the company.

*Unexplained infertility refers to women that have been unable to conceive after 6 months of trying. This highly motivated target group of consumers won't typically be offered medical intervention until 12 months of unsuccessfully trying, with IVF not offered until two years. Research indicates couples start to take positive action ahead of this time and there is little medical support to help them do so.


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